Introducing Movement to Improve Business Wellbeing — Case Study – Merrypak & Print, Cape Town

Merrypack & Print started a gym program for staff on their premises in July 2008. Having run Pilates and dancing classes previously, they felt that Yoga might be a useful addition to support the wellbeing of their staff, and contacted Mad About My Business.

We created a programme for their staff, many of whom were factory workers and had never practiced Yoga previously. The classes included:

  1. Rehabilitation for Common Maladies
    We demonstrated the importance of addressing the problem itself, not just the symptoms. Total rest and inactivity is not always the solution and this class emphasised the importance of strengthening the injured area as the key to rehabilitation.
  2. Teaching Body Awareness:
    Through an awareness of physical postures, we taught staff to be more conscious of their movements and to build focus and mental strength to help overcome negative thinking.
  3. Build Core Strength:
    We trained staff on building core strength to create a solid foundation both physically and philosophically: Physically to prevent injury and philosophically to address personal problems.
  4. Breathing Techniques:
    This included a variety of breathing techniques and methods for energising as well as relaxation to create more balance with work
  5. Personalised DVDs:
    DVDs were created for each staff member to encourage them to continue yoga at home.


“Mad About My Business showed total dedication to our staff and the programme they had created for them. They made a personal connection with many of them and showed both kindness and empathy. I have seen an improvement in my staff members, who have previously had health and MSD problems, since participating in the Programmes.”

Mervyn Tobiansky, Owner

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